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Reflection week 4

relieved…that’s what i felt when miss Ng approve my objectives and my outlines for the video making. i admit that, it was quit difficult to think about the video since i has to consider several factors such as the ICT principle underlying the video. im not going to create a video perse but I need to convey the principle that is assigned to me and my group which is the "collaborative learning" in the video.

Now, im thinking of searching the materials for my video. im planning to do some sort of animation in my video but i have no experience in doing it. i need to do some research on doing the animation through the internet. without the experience and skills in doing the animation for the video, the 3 minutes required for the video viewing seemed to be so long… i wonder what the animators need to do for  1 hour time for animation movie such as Madagascar, Lion King and so on. it may need to do lots of works and considder lots of aspect like the audio, movement, the background setting and many more.

As for the class held today, the tutors and the lec had eplained further and more about the movie making. they guides and giving us the tips in order to produce a very interesting and meaningful video for the students. they prepared some website link for us to acess for the video making process. it will give us the demo and examples for us in making the video.

i think, its all for now. i want to continue searching for the material. hopefully, i will produce a wonderful video…..daaaa~~~


Video making

Group 13
Name : Wan Zhafirah binti Wan Zainudin
Matrix No : PEH 070073
Principle : Collaborative Learning
Selected audience: Year 3 pupils
Title of video:  Animal features
Objective : in the end of the video, pupils should be able to identify features of  animal such as chicken, rabbit, cat

I would like to do a video on a story of a group of animals in the jungle. They have a new king named Simba, the lion. The Lion King wants to know all the animals in the jungle. So, they gather and introduce themselves by telling their name and their features. They will sharing their information with the Lion King as well as their other friends in the jungle. So, here, the sharing of information among the animals reflect the principle that I was assigned which is the " Collaborative Learning" principle.
The video is a short story on a group animals introducing themselves to their new king, Simba, the lion.They shares with their animals friends about the features of themselves which potrays the collaborative learning. As for interactiveness of the video with the audience, I will prepare some gap between the story lines by asking them to labels the features of animal on the worksheet given to them in group. Each group will represent one animal from the video and they will have to label the features of animal they represent after the animal  introduce themselve in the video. Teacher will pause the video until they finish labeling the animal features.

reflection 3

Today’s class was focusing on our assignment which is the video kit. We were given the inputs on how to apply colours and how to create story boards on the video. It was a very beneficial input since it can be applied it to make the video interesting and attractive Today’s lecture make me understand better on how to apply the ICT principle in my video.

Honestly, iIwas a bit confused on stating the objectives as well as applying the principles to the video. It was easy actually, but due to my misunderstanding, the assignment seemed to be very difficult. However, after listening to Prof.Raja Maznah explaination and examples, I started to understand what are the criterias needed for this video.  Now  I need to redo my objectives and my palnning for the video. Its okay, its for the sake of learning. everyone is still learning. So, its okay to do mistakes. The important things is, we realize the mistakes and try to correct and improve it.

Based on this, i realized that group work and cooperation among the group members was so important. They can help us in correcting and improving our mistakes. Likewise in my group, everyone was discussing and helping each other in explaining, correcting the misundertsnad. It is to make all the group members understand the  assignment better. Its how the spirit we want…

Hopefully, we are in the right track…

Reflection 2

That day was the second class for PKEY 3101 subject. On this day we were explained about the third assignment which was designing a video kit. Every one of us will have to design a 3 minutes video based on the principle of learning.

Im not really shocked with it since i used to do video clips for my science subject in my year 2 study back in my previous teacher’s trainee college. That was a very wonderful experience. I really enjoyed that moment. My group and I had to do a science rap video clip and we had to sing in that video clip.The best part was when we finished and watched the video together. It was so hilarious and funny to see my group and I did that rap things. Ha3 =D.. Im sure everyone in our cohort had watched that video….:P

Back to the topic, i think i can handle this assignment eventhouh it might be difficult at first with the help and guidance from my previous experience and not to forget the the help of the lecturer and tutor. This will be a very fun and interesting exploration since we will experience lots of new knowledge about making a video. I will gain knowledge that can help me in designing interesting and fun teaching aids and resources for my students in the future. This will be a very good teaching aids since it will attract the students ‘ interest and attention.

My group members and I was assigned to do the video based on principle 13 which was ‘Collaborative Learning". "Collaborative learning" can be defined as learning that involves the children collaboration when they use communication technology such as email and video conferencing to collaborate with partners in learning in different schools or countries. So, based on this, we had decided to do the video for the Year 3 primary school pupils and as for me, i need to focus on Science subject with the topic "Absorption"

i should search and find some materials now..wish me luck……

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want to know my philosophy?

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philosophy?emmm…i never realize that im actually have a philosophy, my own belief in education until i write about my own belief philosophy in ‘about  me’ section in this windows live…."good teachers produce good students" that is my belief.  As we all know, teacher is a role model in school. Students will tend to follow what the teacher did regardless it is bad or good. It is because, in students mind and thought especially primary students, teachers are their angel. Sometimes, these pupils believe what their teachers said more than their parents said. So, it is our responsibility to improve and enrich ourselves with good moral values and behaviour for the sake of our students. Even we are not really good, we have to try to act good in front of the students. its not hypocrite, but it is our effort to make sure that our students will get the best from us.

Plus, good teachers does not only meant for the moral and spiritual aspect only, but also covers the aspect on intellectual and skills that we need to possess. As for the current setting and situation, teacher should equip themselves with lots of knowledge of ICT and technology. It is because, most of the students are already exposed to this technology. We need to catch up and be at the same level or more with the students. We should be ashamed to ourselves if we need to ask our students about the technology. we should have more advance knowledge than our students. its how teachers should be..

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Reflection 1

Hi everyone, this is my first reflection for this subject. lots of thing to talk about for this subject. the class was quite tense, i need to grab and adsorb so many information about this subject. I was quite confused at first, but eventually with the helps of my friends and the lecturers, i was able to catch up the information given to me. its okay, its a normal thing to happen for every learning session. Sometimes,students wont be able to understand all the input given.

On that very first class, Prof Maznah had explained generally about this subject. she explained that as future teachers, we need to be prepared to face the millennium, 21st century students who may have lots of knowledge about ICT and cyber world. We need to equipped ourselves with lots of ICT knowledge and skills in order to face this challenge. Hopefully, I’m able to equipped and prepare myself to be an excellent teacher through learning this subject.

Furthermore, she had also touched on smart learning environment. I was interested with this smart learning. For me, smart learning is one of a good way of learning. it is because, students will be able to learn through ICT. They will explore much more knowledge and information through ICT. For instance, they are able to seek information on the internet. the knowledege consist in the net is unlimited and this will produce students who have wide knowledge.

After that, we were listening to the explanation and description of the assignments that we need to do for this whole semester. It was quite difficult for me to understand about the explanation given at first since it was my first time hearing about window’s life. However, with the help of friends, i was able to understand the explanation.

Hopefully, i will able to learn much more input in the next class.. really excited waiting the next class..until then..see u again..daaa~~

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My first baby!!!

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Huuuuuh!!! at last Im typing this very first first baby..for this space i mean. Honestly, I’m quite stressful since Im very very new with this window’s live thing. Before this, Im only using facebook and blogger for my social networking in this virtue world. Now, Im learning this new application and it is quite adventurous to explore this windows live. However, for me, despite all the tenses, I had actually learning something new  and I had gained lots of new knowledge. This knowledge can be very useful for me when I became a teacher one day. I can use this application to find and exchange ideas regarding my teaching through this window’s live. Hopefully everything will be fine….and I’m starting to enjoy this application……feel free to gives comment and ideas…that’s all for now….see u in the next post…..daaaa~~

oh yess on more thing, just want to share with you guys…oopppss..not guys..with you girls….:

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