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week 7

Digital Citizenship…emmm…first time head this term. Maybe i had come across this term before but I never realize it. Thats the topic that had been discussed in our class for this 7th week’s class. Actually, Prof RM had introduced the topic before but I did not really understand the meaning underslying this term before we got into a deep discussion abput the topic in the class on that day. however, after listening to Prof RM explanation and discussion, I started to understand the term Digital citizenship.

Based on my understanding, this term brings the meaning of the role and responsibility that should be possessed supposedly by the person who use this digital items  in their daily life. There were several elements that have been presented by Prof RM and we were assigned to explained and elaborate the one of the elements in groups. We need to present our disscussion focussing on the local issues in power point presentation.

Our group had discussed on the elements " environment" and based on our group discussion, we had come out into three local issues that related to this elements
First of all we had brought out the examples of issue based from one of our group member’s experienced during SEP (School Experienced Programme). She went to a school in Bandar Tun Razak and the school was providing a box in front of the school office. the box is purposely for the students and the teachers to put their unwanted batteries such as laptop batterie, handphone’s batteries and etc inside the box. This is one of the way to keep our environment clean and healthy since the batteries wastes are harmful if we do not compose rusing right methods. So, it is our responsibility as a digital user to throw one of the digital item which is the batteries at the right place likewise in the box provided by the school in Bandar Tun Razak.

Secondly, we issued the excess usage of electricity whenever we did not switch off laptops or computers after using it. this can be one of the outcomings of using this digital items. We tend to overuse and watse the electricity when using the digial items. We need to have the awareness that we can’t waste any of the electric use and it is our responsibility to switch off the laptops or anything after we used it in order to avoid electric waste

lasty, my group had brought out the issue of saving the paper usage when using emails to sent any assignements, paperworks or etc. This was one of the benefits of using internet and digital items wherey we can save lots of paper usage and this will decreasing the trees cutting and avoiding deforestation from happen. By doing this, we can atleast control our paper usage since whenever we print out the assigntments or paperworks, we tend to experience paper leakage and wasting lots of paper. So, by using internet, we are saving lots of paper since we will not have to experience any any printing errors.

As for the other groups, they brought out lots of points on the issues regarding the elemnets of Digital citizenship, One of it is regarding the elemnets of "Sensitivity" and their group members had touched this elemnts on the commercial advrstsement. i agree with their opinion that certain commercial advertisement is actually biass towards certain races only. it is good for us to consider all the races in Malaysia and do not biass only towards a particular race only. Plus, we cannot brought up any sensitive issues whenever we wanted to advertise something in mass media. it is because, such commercial advertisement will bring chaos and satisfactions to certain people or races within malaysia as we should never forget that Malaysia is a multiracial country…..


digital story telling workshop- week 6

Interesting! That was the first word explained about this workshop. The content taught was very interesting. The trainers involved in this workshop had introduced us with three software which are photoscape, audacity, photo story 3.

I was happy to learn that I can edit and create simple stories using that three software. Before this, I was only using the movie maker to do the clip videos and paint to edit my pictures. I admit, using  that two basic programmes had limit us to do lots of things since the two programmes was designed for a basic purpose only. However,  by using the photoscape, I can edit my pictures using the designs prepared in the software. There was so may designs that I can choose in the photoscape programme in order to edit my pictures and this made my work fun and easier. It provided lots of application that can be used to edit the pictures in a more creative way . The product of using this programme was so satisfying.

Plus,  audacity programm was also useful since I’ve learn to adjust the sounds that can be used based on my own needs. I can cut and shorten the time of the sound, I fade in and fade out the sound and many more. This will hep me in doing any teaching aids for the teaching purposes focusing on the listening skills. I can edit songs or poem using this program and emphasize at the particular part that consist of language aspects such as pronouncement and etc.

For the photo story 3, I think that it has not much differences compare to window movie maker. the only different is we can narrate the video and record the narration using the program. For creating and making the the video, we can combine the skills of editing pictures in photoscape and editing sound in the audacity to be included in the photo story.

For the trainer, I can see that they were all very well prepare and most of them know how to tackle the audience. They approached the audience and gave guidance whenever needed. As future teacher, we need to take this an example since we need to know how to tackle and approach the students. We need to be ready to give the guidance and support to the students during the teaching and learning sessions

In conclusion, this workshop really benefit me a lot. I had gained lots of precious knowledge that are beneficial and can be use not only in the future but also, for the current situation as students.

just want to share the picture that I’ve edited

week 5

Today’s lecture was not so much on the input. The lecturer and the tutors want us to show our product’s progress which was the draft of our video making. So, each group presented one of the video draft in front of the class. We need to show the draft and explained about the video to the others.during the presentation, my group members and I presented a draft video about fruits. the lecture said that we need to make the video more interesting by adding voices and more animations. it is because, children will love and focus more on the animation and their attention will attract to the animation. the other groups were reminding us that we need to show the relation of the principle and the video that we made. For me, this session was beneficial I can gained lots of new idea based on the presentation by the other groups. plus, through the comments and critiques by the lecturer and tutors as well as our friends, we can know the weakness and strength of our idea. thus, we can improve the and make it more interesting for the audience.

then, after finished all the presentation from all groups. we were required to do a test on doing 2 minutes video based on education by using Go animate software. actually, we were quite suprised to know that today will a be a test for us since we were only infrormed about the test a day before. so, the preparation done was not so good. maybe if we were given some more time to prepare, we can produce more creative video for the test. however, the test done well, and i manged to finished the video clip assigned.

for the test, we can create any story, video clip or anything in the video. we are given an hour to finish up the video. so, after squeezing my brain, i decided to do a video clip that can be used by teachers to teach ‘nouns’. in the video, i included some vocabulary of the things in a bedroom. for example, bed, pillow, mirror and so on. by doing this test, i had practiced and gained lots of new skills on doing the video animation. These skills will be useful for me as teacher since I can use and benefit these skills in order to prepare interesting teaching aids for my students.

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