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planning stage- video kit..

for the very first stage in doing the video kit, my group members and i had discusses and planned the outline of the video kit. we had decided the the target viewers and the customers of the video kit who are the teachers, parents and as well as the year 3 primary school students. then, we divided the tasks for each and every members in the group. everyone will need to produce one video and activity or activities based on the video produced. before producing the video, we had gathered together and told our ideas to the other group members. they will approve and tell us what to be improved and what to be maintain. Next, we stated the suitable objectives for the our video and consulted them to the lectures before we can proceed to the second stage which is the process stage. this is because we need to make sure that we were in the right track and our understanding on the video kit task was as what had been meant by the lecturers.then, after consulting the lectureres, we were starting to collect materials and input for the video kit. as for me, i had planned to do a video regarding animal features and the video will be showing different animals that have their won features and characteristics.


video critiques….

lots of comments that i’ve been received from my peers as well as from the lecturers. Thanks to those who gave comments and critiques my video.I really appreciate that….based on everyones comments and critiques, i’ve foound out that i’ve done several mistakes and i can improve more on my video.

 i realized that animation is one of the attraction that can grab the viewers attention on watching y video. unfortunately, i’ve not really include animation on my video. it is good for me to include and put animation in order to enhance my video’s attraction especially for my target audience who is the primary school students. those kids will love animations and this will avoid them from getting bored when watching the video.

plus, there were several typing and punctuation errors that have been done. maybe i didnot realized it and next time, i should be more carefull and particular with all the errors and recheck it several times before publish the video.

moreover, there was a comment on my choice of colour  for the dialogue box in the video was not suitable with the colour of the font in the dialogue box. different people will views the colour choices differentlya as it is a very subjective things. for me, the colour was ok as long as the the fonts in the dialogue box were clear and can be read by the viewers.

overall, i think that i can do better than that. the comments given were really beneficial and useful for me and i will take it positively in order to improve my self in the future…

digitatal citizenship

these two videos are regarding digital citizenship…..


just want to share videos regarding M-learning…enjoy!

week 9

class for this week’s class for us to discuss about our video kit assignments. theres not so much from the lecturer and tutors. they wanted us to be in group and think about the progress of our video kit. how are we going to proceed our progress and how to make our kit as interesting as we could. The lecturer and tutors were to give guidance to us and answer all our inquiries regarding the video kit.

as what had been planned by my group members, we are going to prepare several activities that can be used by the teachers based on our video in the video kit. there will be some quizes and games regarding the video. teachers who uses or purchase the video will be able to use the suggested activities provided within the video kit as a continual activity from the video viewing. this will give the teachers on the idea of a complete set of a lesson activity that can be done during class.

theres a lot of activities that can be done in class based on the video and we will provide and suggest the activities within a booklet. teachers will be able to use the booklet as guidance and reference if they want to do some activities in class based on the video.

E-portfolio, reevaluation

based on my opinion, e portfolios is ICT version of
portfolio. likewise in portfolio, e-portfolio consist of our progress,
development, thoughts, ideas, feelings, critical views on the specific
in this case, we need to include our progress throughout learning this
we can use videos, photo, multimedia and every things regarding ICT as
mediums to convey our points in e-portfolio. anyone like the lectures
and friends can give feedbacks and comments right away in our portfolio
and we can stright away reply and response to the comments given. it
will very easy for us, as we can always change and improve the
e-portfolio from time to time.

Thus, throughout all these 8 weeks, i’ve started to fulfill all the criteria needed for this e-portfolio. I had include my information and personal details in my profile and  this will ease my friends or my lecturers to know about me and my self. i’ve also organized my skydrive by including several folders regarding the subjects that I’ve take this semester. The skydrive really make my work easier since Im able to share any files and folder with my friends. I will upload the files in my skydrive and my friends can download the file through this windowslive. this will save my time and energy since i do not need to go out and see my friends just to give the partticular file for my friends.

furthermore, through this e-portfolio, i will be able to see others views and opinions about a particular topic or issues. this will expand and opened my mind through the views and information sharing in this windows live. I will be able to know lots of things, such as turtorials made by one of my friends regarding our video making. this will make our work easier as we are actually helping each other through this e-portfolio.

moreover, i’ve also posted my reflections through this e-porfolio. by doing this, my friends and lectures will be able to know y views and feeling about the teaching and learning sessions in the class. the lecturers will be able to comment as well as my other firends in my spaces. this will give an opportunity for us to communicate not only in class session but also outside the class session.  it will actually gave us more time and sessions to communicate and ask any questions especially to the lecturer and tutors regarding the this technology subject.

as conclusion, i will try to fulfill the criteria needed for an e-portfolio as best as i could and im still learning about this e-portfolio. hopefully, i will produce  such a good and beneficial e-portfolio for all….

Week 8- M-learning

M-Learning….it was the topic learned during this 8th week. Likewise the Digital Citizenship, it was my first time listening to this term and topic. I could not really imagine what is M-Learning about but when hearing the word ‘learning’ i thought that it was one way of learnig. however, after listening to Pn. Sakinah’s lecture, i started to undertsand what it is about.

based on my understanding, M-learning is a way of learning through digital gadgets such as laptops,handphones, ipod, and etc. it was quite interesting to know that students can actually learning from all these gadgets. learning seems to be much more easier than before and so many thing could be learn through this way of learning. students are now will be able to access any knowledge and information about their subjects through their handphoes, laptops and etc without going anywhere. they can just stay in their house or wherever they want (with internet access) and access the information that they want.

furthermore, by using this way of learning, students will be able to discuss about any issues and topic with their friends through the internet eventhough they live far away from each other. they can also do conferences or face to face conferences with their friends in order to discuss and convey their views and opinion about the topic disscuss.

moreover, students will be able to download lots of information from any sources, like e-book and etc without going to the library. it will save lots of time and energy since we do not need to waste our time going to the library. everything is ready just in one click.  i used to search an e-book for my assignment in one of the websites through the internet. the e-book was dedicated
for the primary schools pupils and it was very useful to me since it
has a very clear and interesting pictures that can attract the
students’ interest in reading the story. this e-book had saved my times
and energy since i dodn’t need to go to the book store or library just
to find and search for the children’s story book. i’ve just search the
story through the internet and i got so may types of stories for
children to be uploaded.

As a conclusion, this new way of learning had helped and assist the students as well as teachers regarding the teaching and learning process. the learning process will be easier and fun than before. both and students and teachers will love it like I am!