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For this past 14 weeks, I’ve been working on my e-portfolio for this subject. Honestly, this is the first time I heard of e-portfolio an involve into it. It was actually a fun and precious experience since I had learnt a lot during this semester. I had gained lots of knowledge such as creating videos and so on, that will be very useful for me as future teacher.

Through e-portfolio, all my works, data, products, etc can be saved and recorded as one. I will be able to go through all the works easier since everything is there and i will not need to find it anywhere else. my works can be organized easily and I could arranged all my works inside the folder within this e-portfolio. This will ensure all my work is not lost and ready for me everytime i want to do the work.

plus, through this e-portfolio, I had been updated by all sorts of information regarding this subjects. Million thanks to the lecturer and tutors for always reminding and updating us with the information and on the works that we need to do. without their updates and reminder as well as the gudance form the lecturer and tutors, I think we will not be able to complete the tasks easily. 

furthermore, through this e-portfolio, i had learnt how to organize and arrange my things appropriately. my things wont be messy as before and it is easier for me to to access them.  Plus, by organizing and uploading my things, works, etc in this portfolio, i wont be able to bring pendrive anymore. i only need to upload the files to my skydrive and it is ready to be used. My friends can also access to my file and it will be easier for us to exchange information and to gain knowledge from each other. we do not need to waste our time meeting each other outside just to exchange info. The only thing we need to do is just uploading the files into the skydrive and our friend can download it from there.

in a nut shell, this portfolio brings lots of benefit to us as learners. lots of thing can be done. our social communication will be easier and wider. hopefully, it will be a very good experience and skills that can be used especially for the purpose of teaching and learning sessions in the classroom in the future…

COP – part B

"Communities of practice are formed by people who engage in a process of
collective learning in a shared domain of human endeavor: a tribe learning to
survive, a band of artists seeking new forms of expression, a group of engineers
working on similar problems, a clique of pupils defining their identity in the
school, a network of surgeons exploring novel techniques, a gathering of
first-time managers helping each other cope. (Wenger E, 2001)"

So, based on the definition, if i were a teacher i will engage and encourage in COP since it has lots of advantages that can be benefited by my students. i will firstly rearrange the students’ seating arrangement in class and ask them to seat in group.

By seating in group, the students will be able to communicate and discuss with each other easily. the communication among the students will flow easily and all of the discussion will go on well. they will not need to move around just to be in their group and discuss the work together with their group member since they are already seat together in their group. plus, by doing this, i will be able to enhance the students’ social skills since they will have better chances and opportunities to socialize with each other if they seat in group.

furthermore, i will provide and prepare activities that will involves the students in collaborative activities. this is because based on Vygotsly, the interactionist theorist, students will learn better if they interact in group. they will be able to correct each others’ mistakes as well as imrpoving themselves with the help of each others. students will be able to get scaffolding from their peers and by doing this, they will learn and explore lots of things togetehr with their friends. this will make the learning fun and exciting. plus, their creativity and ideas will expand and enhance since they can discuss and suggest their ideas together with their friends.

Moreover, i will ask and encourage my students to do their own class or group motto. this will encourage the students to become united in order to fulfill and achieve the motto or goals created by the members. plus, by doing this, they will feel the sense of belonging and acceptance within the community which are within the class or the groups.

In addition, there are lots of activities that could have been done on order to implement COP in class. for instances, choral speaking, role play, competition and so on. by involving the students in such activities, students will be able set themselves in the COP together with their friends.

As teacher, i need to encourage and motivate my students to work in COP. it is because, COP is important as it picture the reality of life. in reality, they need to work in community and i will be difficult for them to work alone without the help of others. so, this will be the practice and the introduction stage of COP for the students so that they can implement COP in the future.

what i had learnt when im being in COP? (Part A)

There are so much of memorable and precious experienced that i had
gained throughout this semester for this technology subject.  Such
experienced will surely benefit me as students.

As an examples, throughout the semester, we had been given lots of works that
need to be done together with our group members. This had exposed and taught me
about COP which is  the Community of Practise.

there are several tasks and assignments that we need to do in group. for
instances, the video kit. by doing the video kit, i had felt the team work and
the spirit of being in a team with my group members. i’ve learn how to
cooperate with each other, how to tolerate with each other and many more. I had
also realized that , sometimes, we can’t just be selfish and we must also think
about each other. thats what the purpose of being in a group. we need to accept
each other and help each other in order to improve and achieve the group’s goal
and objective. if our group members had any problems or weaknesses, we need to
give our hand to help them solving their problems and guide them so that they
can improve themselves. Plus, for us, we need to use the opportunity being in
group to improve ourselves by seeking guidance and asking help from the our
teamates so that they can help us in improving ourselves.

Moreover, from the assignment given, we had also learnt to divide the
work according to the preferences and the suitability of the group members. For
example, during the process of doing the video kit, we tend to give the advertisement
part such as the poster and brochure for those who are creative and good in art.
By doing this, our group members will feel comfortable and fun while doing the
work since art was their interest and specialty. This will also enhance the
quality of the work as it had been done by the ones who were good in it.

just wanna share a video on COP:

happy viewing…

entry on tv pendidikan

TV pendidikan is a channel that provides things and
information regarding school and education in schools. Ministry of education is
playing their main role in putting information regarding education through TV
Pendidikan. Lots of things can be done with this TV pendidikan. Teacher can integrate
this medium and channel in the classroom during the teaching and learning

first and foremost, teacher can show education programmes to the students
through TV pendidikan. Teacher can made the programmes as teaching aids in the
teaching and learning session.  by doing this, teacher will be able to
give variety of teaching methods towards the students. this will avoid the
students from being bored attending the class with the same way of teaching.

Plus, teacher will be able to see any demonstrations on teachers from other
school teaching and handling their students. From this, teacher will be able to
grab some tips and guidance to be used in the classroom.

Furthermore, there will be lots of latest information about the education news
on TV programme. Teacher will be able to upgrade themselves and this will
prepare them to be a good teacher in class. teacher will be able to know the
current needs of the students and improve their way of teaching from TV

Furthermore, teacher will be able to download interesting lesson planning from
the webTV of TV  pendidikan, this will give the teacher some sort of guidance
for the teacher to planned his/her lesson planning for the students. Teachers
will be able to choose any of the lessons and adapt it based on the type of
students that they got.

final stage for the video kit.

the final stage for the video kit is the stage whereby we touch up everything and then submit the whole thing to the lecturer. before submit the whole video kit, my group members recheck it just to make sure everything that required by the lecturer were fulfilled by us. after satisfied with all the works done, my group members and I submitted the video kit and we were very relief..Everyone including the members form the other group were really relief and happt. it shows from the smile and happy face they had at that time. As for me, doing the video kit gave me lots of benefit experiences for me. now i had improve my skills on creating videos for my teaching purposes. this will be a very good knowledge for me as future teacher. plus, i can also make the video kit that i had done with my group as a model for my teaching materials in the future.

These are the pictures of my groups’ product:

1) from the front

2) from the back


2nd stages for video kit (while process)

for this second stages, everyone were very busy finding materials and finishing our own part of work. for me, i had been asked to do a poster for my group video kit. in the poster, i had included the topic of each videos and some information about the the video kit. the poster will be pasted in front of the videokit for customers to see and the poster was as below:

about the activity, I was thinking about activity that will involve the students collaboratively with their peers and friends. After so much thingking, i had decided to do activitiy entitled " Hot, hot, hot" whereby a pair of students need to find  the picture if animals in the video with the guidance of the other friends in the classroom. before that, teacher will hide the pictures and the selected pair will not alllowed be in class and see the hidden pictures. the other students will shout, "hot, hot, hot" if the pair approach the hidden pictures and they will shout, "cold, cold, cold" if they are away of the hidden pictures. after the found the picture, they will paste it infront of the class and list down the features of the animal in the picture. after finish doing the activity, students were asked to create and mould animal shapes with thr provided clasy in groups and thats the end of my activity.

then, after everyone finish designing their activities and doing teaching adis for the activity, one of my group members had compile and gather all the activities into the handy manual book..we had also devided each cd’s together with the teaching aids for the activity based on the cd into  a file. there were 5 files altogether since there were 5 videos and 1 activiy for each of the video.

we had put the compartment into a paper bag. the paper bag was decorated nicley and attractively so that it will attract the customers interest and attention…at last…our video kit is really to be sold…

some pictures for you guys…

1) our poster for the video kit


2) one of our group member is compiling and arranging the manual book

3)  one of  our group member is arranging and folding the broshure for our video kit.

why i didnt’ edit and change my video

there were several comments that have been made by the lecturer as well as my peers for my video.

the first comment was, i should use the real pictures of animals in the videos. it is true that i had used the cartoon pictures of the animals,but it is to attract the pupils’ interest since i do not include the ordinary cartoon animal pictures but i had put the cartoon picture of characters in movies. for example, for the lion picture, i had included the picture of "Alex" which was the main lion character in the movie "Madagascar". this will grab the pupil’s attention and trigger their interest to watch the video more. As for the real picture, i had included the real picture together with the cartoon character during the activity session and the real pictures are provided together in the video kid as teaching aids.Teacher will ask several pupils to paste the real picture on the board so that every one in class will be able to see it.

secondly, there was a comment saying that, i had use inappropriate colour fill for the dialogue box in the video. As for me, the colour red as the fill colour and black colour for the font was not really a problem. it is because, for me, the dialogues in the dialogue box were clear enough to be read by the viewer since i had use a very bright colour of red as the fill colour. In my opinion, this issue is quit subjective since different people has different views about the colour. so, i decided not to change the clolour sonce for me, the dialogues boxes as well as the dialogues were clear enough to be seen by the viewers