Hi guys…how’s life going on? hopefully everyone is enjoying theirs….by the way….back to the topic…TPACK….emm..what is TPACK? actually this is a brand new term to me….just had no idea at first..but I slowly understand about it after some readings and discussion in class.

Now..what is TPACK? TPACK is “the specialized, highly applied knowledge that supports content-based technology integration is known as“technological pedagogical content knowledge,” abbreviated TPCK or TPACK” (Koehler & Mishra 2008).

For you guys who do not like to read long definition, maybe the diagram below will help you to understand about TPACK.

Now..have you get what is TPACK mean? In simple words, TPACK is the combination of three element which are the Technology, Pedagogical and Content knowledge in a particular learning session.

Emmm..still blur? okay2….lets me explain more by giving you one of the examples of using TPACK in my previous teaching practicum….

Class: 3 Jujur

Them : World of Knowledge

Topic :  Before and Now

Focused Skill: Listening

Integrated Skills : Speaking and Writing

Language Focus: Noun (names of transport)

TPACK elements:

Technology knowledge:

In this lesson I had use a video song related to the language focus entitled “Transportation”

This is really a nice induction song since it had grabbed the students attention and attracted their interest towards the lesson. I had also use this song to teach them several types of transportation that they need to know in this lesson in the pre-listening stage. With the catchy rhymes and melody and also clear dictation from the song, the students were able to catch words in the song easily and prepare themselves for the next stage which was the while listening stage.

Pedagogical knowledge:

For pedagogical knowledge, I had used the one of the elements in *Desuggestopedia method which was music. The video song used in this lesson was catchy enough to attract the students attention through out the lesson. They were able to memorized several lines from the song in the end of the lesson and I considered this as success.

* You guys can click on this link if you want to know more about desugestopedia:

Content Knowledege:

The video song that I used in this lesson contained the content knowledge that I wanted to teach my students which was the the type of transportation.  So, by using the video song, I was able to teach the students and the students were able to learn  about transportation  in a very fun and interesting way.

Eg of transportation stated in the song:








And thats how I integrated TPACK in my class.  Its was quite an interesting lesson and I’m looking forward to integrate TPACK in my next lesson. However, I also need to make sure that it is suitable  enough for my students since it will  not always be an effective ways used in class.

-Thank you-


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  1. Hi Wan Zhafirah, good illustration of how TPACK was implemented in the class and yes, not all the times TPACK can be embedded. Sometimes, it can just be PCK alone without the T-k like how Schulman presents.


    • his miss..thanks for commenting..yes…its true that sometimes T cannot cooperate with PCK. In this case, I need to think of other alternatives and make sure that all the lesson are as interesting and attractive to the student as the one with the use of technology.


  2. Hi fiera! I agree with you that it was an interesting lesson yet enjoyable. You managed to apply TPACK in the lesson successfully. I am glad that you are looking forward to integrate TPACK in other lessons too. Well, same goes to me… hehe..Let’s keep this promise 😉


  3. Well, fiera i see that how you have applied TPACK in your lesson successfully. I see that you have used the dessuggestopedia apporach and i personally feel this approach best suits the primary school pupils as their learning takes place in a fun manner. Anyway all the best. Hope we continue to apply TPACK in our future lessons as well.


    • hi dhaya….yes..dessuggestopedia will always be my first choice since for me its really effective for the primary school pupils. They really love musics and colorful teaching aids that were used in the lesson and they became excited to participate in the lesson. Plus, the integration of technology within this pedagogy had spiced up the lesson. I will definitely apply TPACK in my future lesson next time…. 🙂


  4. hi fiera

    i like your idea of using video to introduce the topic that you’ll teach them. i’m sure your students had much fun by listening to the catchy rhymes and melody. for me, audio or songs are undoubtedly a great way to attract students towards learning. i also like your teaching method which is desuggestopedia, thru this way you’ll be able to create such a condusive enironment in your class.

    good job dear 🙂


    • thanks for your comment..hehehe.. I will definitely use this pedagogy in my future lesson since i found that it is really suitable for the students especially for the primary school students…=)


  5. Salam and hi fir2! wonder you like my method of desuggestopedia..
    You also use it in your lesson. For me, it is such a good method
    to be use in teaching since desuggestopedia involve the learning environment of the classroom. And when the students attracted to the
    pictures and posters, it will help to develop their motivation to learn. Don’t you think so?
    All in all, what a great lesson you have here and I can see you successfully applied TPaCk in this lesson… Well done! :p


    • salam naju..hehehe….yes…i like and believe in desuggestopedia. i will definitely use this pedagogy for my future students since i found that it is really suitable for the students especially for the primary school students…lets use this as our main pedagogy…yeeaaaahh~ =)


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