Hey…I want to be the millionare~

hi guys….we meet again…this time I will reflect about my experience in doing the PPT task  (Who wants to be a millionare) with my other group members and also the presentation on this PPT task from the other groups.



From the task that we had been assigned, we realized that there are actually many ways to approach and teach the students in fun ways. It just depend on our creativity and our way in manipulating things. The PPT “Who wants to be a millionaire” is one of the examples. From the very basic software which is the Power Point, we can actually create and invent such a wonderful and fun games like this. We can put pictures, sounds, animations and many more in the games and make it interesting and attractive to the students.

Furthermore, we found out that this activity is really suitable to test the students understanding on the lesson taught as well as the effectiveness of the lesson taught to them. From this, we can actually trace which part the students could not or hard to understand.  This will help the teachers to know which part they should revised  with the students for that lesson.

Plus, this game can also be used to sum up the whole lesson. It is because, teachers are able to use all the main point or the focussed skills taught in this games by including the questions related .  Hence, the students will be able to see the overview of the lesson taught in this game.

Moreover, during watching our friends presenting their ppt slides, we found out that there were actually many ways in enhancing and improving the games and make it fun to the students. Many of us had change the background of the slides and make it suitable with the topic questioned in this game. There were also images, sounds and many more things that were included just to make it more attractive and suit with the targeted students.

So, hows your opinion? Interested with this game? you can use it in your lesson to. Feel free to adapt and improve it based on your students and the topic taught. As for me, I will surely use this game…hopefully you guys enjoy reading this post….thats all for now…daaa~~


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  1. Salam Zhafirah (I’m using your full name, give credits to me.. Lalala.. :P) Let me highlight this “From the very basic software which is the Power Point, we can actually create and invent such a wonderful and fun games like this”. Well, I’m totally agree with you. No need to depend to those online software where impractically-concerned with internet connection. Be realistic is better than being futuristic. Am I right? Huhuhuhu 🙂
    Fiera, in your opinion, could we use this millionaire game using the set induction or presentation stage or during introductory lesson? All in all, our group had done a good job!! 😛


    • w’lam nurul asyikin (hu3..i give u credit by using ur full name) ho3…yess… i agree with you..be realistic right…just use what we got and manipulate it based on our creativity. We are not always fortunate anyway….by having all those ICT facilities in school. We might be posted to the school that do not even have electricity..hu3..just be creative and spontaneous…. Anyway..for your question..I think we might use this during set induction or any stages that you have stated above, but we need to slightly adapt it to suit the stage….hu3…okkaaayy~~~well done for our group….hehehe


  2. Hi there, good reflection you have there, I agree with you that there are many ways that we can utilize and manipulated in order to attract the students interest and it just depends on our creativity..


    • thanks for ur comment mr aliex. yup…..there are many ways to attract the students….we just need to be creative and know how to manipulate things around us..thanks for dropping by..really appreciate it…


  3. Posted by priyatharisini on March 5, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    HI fiera…a very precise and concise reflection!I was really impressed with your group’s adaptation of the game..it was very fun and engrossing.I truly agree with what you said “watching our friends presenting, we found out that there were actually many ways in enhancing and improving the games and make it fun to the students”..Yess, it was indeed an effectual approach as we got to learn from one another, gain useful ideas to improvise the lesson and also identify our drawbacks so as to not repeat the mistakes again by merely watching our friends’ presentations and at the same time giving constructive feedbacks..It was indeed a very beneficial approach right?


  4. yup dear..its indeed a beneficial approach.. we can learn form each other and by doing this, we are able to improve ourselves and help the others who are in need. Hopefully, we’ll learn more after this..thanks for ur comment dear…=D


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