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reaching towards A03

“Reflect on your journey for A03 by listing out  7 possible items which will ensure an effective student-centred, personalised, higher-order-thinking lesson.Desribe each of those possible item.”

The first thing come in mind when I read those lines in my email was like “OOhh nOO….did I missed or forgot something?”….and that is a BIG YESS..i forgot that Im  running out of time for my Assignment 3….ooH..i really need to speed up since I only have 2 weeks left….anyhow…I just finished doing the first lesson for this assignment and yess it release out a bit of the tense …Hopefully this one will be approved by Ms.Ng.hu3…thanks Ms Ng and Ms Masyitah for helping us a lot…..

Anyway…back to the main purpose~~listing 7 items will ensure an effective student-centred, personalised, higher-order-thinking lesson~~

and these are the 7 items:

1. Designing lesson that can trigger their mind and develop their intellectual dimension.

During the lesson, we will include questions or activities that can trigger their mind and also challenges their creative and critical thinking. By doing this, the students will be able to activate their knowledge in mind and develop it through out the learning and  making them active learners. This will promote a higher order thinking skills as they will use their minds and thoughts to solve the problems given in questions or activities prepares for them.

2. Deliver instruction through multiple forms of media

Most of the lesson designed for this Assignment three are using multiple forms of media. We are using,  computers, LCD projector, cd player and many more in order to ensure the effectiveness of the lesson. This variety usage of media will also attract the students in participating and involving themselves in the lesson. This surely promote the personalized learning since deliver instruction through multiple forms of media is one of the criteria underpin the personalized learning.

3. Give the freedom for the students to work in their own ways.

This way of teaching will give the chances for the students to explore themselves and develop their own skills. We as teachers might not seen their capability until they can proof it to us. So, by letting them using their own way and develop their own skill, they will have the opportunity to show and proof it to the class. Plus, they will have the chances to move on to the next step without waiting for the other students hence will not disturb their learning development. This will ensure the effectiveness of personalized learning since this is also one of the criteria in implementing personalized learning in class.

4. Implementing group work in most of the lesson.

As we all know, group work will always be the effective ways in encouraging students centered and personalized learning. It is because, through group work, the students will be able to not only works by themselves but also has the chances to get along and sociolize with each other. They will feel more confidence when working in a group and they will also has the chances to help others as well as improving themselves with the help of the other group members. This will be easier for teachers to facilitate and monitor the students works and also saving lots of time since he doesnt really need to monitor and handle the students individually at time.

5.Consideration of the students’ prior knowledge

Before designing the activities, we really need to know the students’ basic and prior knowledge. Once we know what their prior knowledge is, it will be easier for us to design the activities for them. Knowing their prior knowledge is really important since it will somehow effect the effectiveness of the lesson. The students will easily understand the current lesson if it related to their prior knowledge. They will be more motivated to learn since they already have some input of the knowledge and they will be curious to know more about it.

6. Teacher and peer assessment and feedback.

As we all know, assessment and feedback are two important elements that should not be neglected during the teaching and learning session. By having assessment and feedbacks from other people, the students will be able to identify and realized their own mistakes as well as improving and correcting their mistakes based on the assessment and feedbacks given to them. Hence for the lesson plans, we make sure that there will be some time for assessment and feedbacks regardless from the teacher or their peers in the end of the lesson. This session will be the time where the students can know whether they had doing well or  not through the lesson. They will be aware of their achievement and this will motivate them to do better next time.  Not only that, teacher will also be able to know the effectiveness of the lesson from this session.

7. ICT usage.

Most of lesson designed for this Assignement 3 are ICT based ! Even for the school that not provided with LCD projector or computer lab, we still use ICT as one of the tools that helping us in designing the lesson. We will at least use ICT to make or design task sheet for the students and we will print and make copies for the students. In addition, lots of  ICT tools that were given to us by the lectures are useful for the teaching and learning session. We had choose and make use some of it for our lesson.   This will really useful for us since it will vary our teaching aids in class.

I think thats all 7 elements that i can share with you guys here. Hopefully it will reach the objective that the lecturer wanted. Feel free to comment and give feedbacks~~adiooSS~~


This one is for E-book~~

Hi everyone…Let me start this entry by giving a definition of the word “e-book” . E-book (short for electronic book,or EBook), also known as a digital book, is an e-text that forms the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book, sometimes restricted with a digital rights management system. (,2011)

Okey, now we know what is ebook and for this entry I will share my original ebook (done during last semester)  and also the modification version of it. This modification is based on what me and my friends learn this week which how to make the ebook appealed to the students.

The title of my ebook is “Abu eats too much”. This is a story about a boy who ate lots of food until his stomach went ache. He went to the clinic and the doctor advised him not to eat too much next time . He regretted what he had done and promised not to do that again.

This is the original front page of my ebook..(quite dull isn’t it) I reform it to be like this….tadddaaaaa~~~ do you think? errkk…I think its also dull….hu3..nevermind….Anyway..I edited this front page by changing the font. I replace the the word “Abu”  with fruit alphabets in order to relate it with the story which is regarding to food. I also increase the size of the font and picture to make it clearer to the reader. Plus, I change the background colour just to make sure that the colour wont distract my actually focus which is the title of the story.


I also increased the size font for the content and the yellow background colour into white. This is to make sure that the readers can see the sentences clearly and the background colour will not distract my main focus which is the story line.

This is the original slide:

Edited version: more thing..I also add dialogue box to make it interesting…urrmm..interesting? i guess so..huuu~~

Below is another examples where I increase the size of the images:

Original side:

Edited version:


Furthermore, I also add some constructive question that can trigger the students mind.



So, thats all about the modification. Hopefully the edited version will not only be attractive but also effective to their language learning.  Doing all the modifications made me realize that there are certain aspects that I need to consider before creating and designing the ebook. This will absolutely effect the readers and the effectiveness of the book.


Thats all for this week…feel free to give comment…..daaa~~~

Personalized Learning Lesson Plan~~


Hi peeps….for this entry, I will share to you guys on one lesson plan that inculcate the Personalized learning. I will relate the procedures used with the principle of Personalized learning (note the orange colour sentences). For this lesson plan, I will use a tool called strip generator during the post listening stage.

-This strip generator is really effective in enhancing the students creative and aesthetic development-


This lesson will be conducted in the computer lab and each of the students will have a computer for the lesson.


Here’s the lesson:


Subject: English subject

Class: 3 Jujur

Enrollment : 17 pupils

Date: 24th August 2010

Time : 8.15 am – 9.15 am

Theme : World of Knowledge

Topic :  Flora and Fauna

Focused Skill : Listening

Integrated Skills : Reading

Intended Learning Outcome : 1.4 Listen to and follow simple instructions and directions accurately.

Curriculum Specifications : Level 1- 1.4.1 Listen to and learn the vocabulary of instructions to do or make something  and   directions

Language Focus : Noun (names of gardening tools)

Previous Knowledge  : Pupils already learn about tree.Pretest students’ knowledge before each unit

Behavioural Objectives  : At the end of the lesson pupils will be able to:

  • Fill in all the missing letters based on the pictures given during pre-listening.
  • Underline at least 5 correct words out of 7 with 80% accuracy during while listening
  • Create their own strip generator by writing at least 5 out of 7 steps of panting seeds in the text accordingly and placing related objects to their strip generator.

Educational Emphases   : Moral Values – we need to take care of our tree and environment.

Teaching aid   : Laptop, LCD, p

ower point presentation, tasksheet,audio recording.


Set Induction:

1)    Teacher recalls the previous lesson about a tree that they had learnt.

2)    Teacher asks the students on how to plant a tree.

3)    Teacher shows a picture of seeds.

4) Teacher asks the students to talk about the seeds.


1)    Teacher introduces some the gardening tools that they need to plant a tree by using pictures (PPT slides)- Deliver instruction through multiple forms of media

2)    Teacher asks them to do a task in their computer..(Teacher prepares hard copies of the tasksheet incase if the students cannot access the computer) Be flexible when plans go awry.

-task 1-

3)    They will need to fill in the missing letters based on the pictures given in the tasksheet while listening to what had been taught by the teacher in front of the class.

4)    Teacher drills the students on the words related.

5)    Teacher teaches the spelling of the words.

6)   Then, teacher practices the students on the spelling of related words by asking several students to fill in the correct alphabets in the incomplete words prepared by the teacher on the board.


1)    Teacher asks the students to do another task in prepared in their computer.(Teacher prepares hard copies of the tasksheet incase if the students cannot access the computer) Be flexible when plans go awry.

-task 2-

2)    Teacher will play an audio recording.

3)    The students will need to circle the correct words based on the audio played.

4) Teacher will play the audio for second time.

Post Listening

1)    Teacher checks their works together with the class.

2)    Teacher corrects the students if necessary.

3) Then, teacher asks them to open the url link for strip generator website. (They had been familiar with this tool) Pretest students’ knowledge before each unit

4) They will need to create a cartoon strip related to what they had learnt. They will have to arrange objects related  and write steps of planting seeds in their strip. – Let students drive

4) Teacher demonstrates and give examples of the task.

5) Teacher gives them some times to finish the task.

6) Teacher checks their works.

Closure :

1)    Teacher reemphasizes on the language focus taught to the students

2) Teacher inculcate moral values to the pupils