Personalized Learning Lesson Plan~~


Hi peeps….for this entry, I will share to you guys on one lesson plan that inculcate the Personalized learning. I will relate the procedures used with the principle of Personalized learning (note the orange colour sentences). For this lesson plan, I will use a tool called strip generator during the post listening stage.

-This strip generator is really effective in enhancing the students creative and aesthetic development-


This lesson will be conducted in the computer lab and each of the students will have a computer for the lesson.


Here’s the lesson:


Subject: English subject

Class: 3 Jujur

Enrollment : 17 pupils

Date: 24th August 2010

Time : 8.15 am – 9.15 am

Theme : World of Knowledge

Topic :  Flora and Fauna

Focused Skill : Listening

Integrated Skills : Reading

Intended Learning Outcome : 1.4 Listen to and follow simple instructions and directions accurately.

Curriculum Specifications : Level 1- 1.4.1 Listen to and learn the vocabulary of instructions to do or make something  and   directions

Language Focus : Noun (names of gardening tools)

Previous Knowledge  : Pupils already learn about tree.Pretest students’ knowledge before each unit

Behavioural Objectives  : At the end of the lesson pupils will be able to:

  • Fill in all the missing letters based on the pictures given during pre-listening.
  • Underline at least 5 correct words out of 7 with 80% accuracy during while listening
  • Create their own strip generator by writing at least 5 out of 7 steps of panting seeds in the text accordingly and placing related objects to their strip generator.

Educational Emphases   : Moral Values – we need to take care of our tree and environment.

Teaching aid   : Laptop, LCD, p

ower point presentation, tasksheet,audio recording.


Set Induction:

1)    Teacher recalls the previous lesson about a tree that they had learnt.

2)    Teacher asks the students on how to plant a tree.

3)    Teacher shows a picture of seeds.

4) Teacher asks the students to talk about the seeds.


1)    Teacher introduces some the gardening tools that they need to plant a tree by using pictures (PPT slides)- Deliver instruction through multiple forms of media

2)    Teacher asks them to do a task in their computer..(Teacher prepares hard copies of the tasksheet incase if the students cannot access the computer) Be flexible when plans go awry.

-task 1-

3)    They will need to fill in the missing letters based on the pictures given in the tasksheet while listening to what had been taught by the teacher in front of the class.

4)    Teacher drills the students on the words related.

5)    Teacher teaches the spelling of the words.

6)   Then, teacher practices the students on the spelling of related words by asking several students to fill in the correct alphabets in the incomplete words prepared by the teacher on the board.


1)    Teacher asks the students to do another task in prepared in their computer.(Teacher prepares hard copies of the tasksheet incase if the students cannot access the computer) Be flexible when plans go awry.

-task 2-

2)    Teacher will play an audio recording.

3)    The students will need to circle the correct words based on the audio played.

4) Teacher will play the audio for second time.

Post Listening

1)    Teacher checks their works together with the class.

2)    Teacher corrects the students if necessary.

3) Then, teacher asks them to open the url link for strip generator website. (They had been familiar with this tool) Pretest students’ knowledge before each unit

4) They will need to create a cartoon strip related to what they had learnt. They will have to arrange objects related  and write steps of planting seeds in their strip. – Let students drive

4) Teacher demonstrates and give examples of the task.

5) Teacher gives them some times to finish the task.

6) Teacher checks their works.

Closure :

1)    Teacher reemphasizes on the language focus taught to the students

2) Teacher inculcate moral values to the pupils


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by beeguat on March 6, 2011 at 10:25 am

    Hi Fiera! You have written such an impressive lesson plan! Good job! Hehe 🙂
    It’s good that you prepare hard copy for each stage in case the plans go awry. And I think the post listening activity whereby each kid is required to come up with cartoon strip is quite good as well. It’s a channel for them to reflect what they have learned. Keep it up!


  2. hi bee guat!thanks for dropping by…hu3….the hard copies is the plan b if theres anything unwanted happen…thanks once again for your comment..=D


  3. hi fiera 🙂

    great choice of tool you have there! i like your idea of using the strip generator in creating cartoon strip regarding what u had taught earlier on.i’m sure your students will like it to bits! like what you’ve wrote in orange word, this will surely let the students to be in control in their own learning since they get to create their cartoon on their own. good job girl 🙂


  4. hi illina..hu3..thanks for ur comment. the strip generator part is for the students to be creative and think of their own strip generator. This will give the freedom and chance for the students to enhance and develop their aesthetic and creative values….thanks once again for dropping by


  5. Hi fiera… I like the idea that you actually had highlighted the steps taken related to Personalised Learning.. This helps me to see the rationale for each step done by the teacher in the lesson. It’s good that you actually ask students to create their own cartoon strips to test their understanding of the lesson. Young kids would love to try this as it is a new thing to them. Good job! 🙂


    • hi cak cak~~ thanks for liking my idea…hu3..i purposely state the principle related after the particular procedures in order to help the readers in understanding and relating the principles of personalized learning with the procedures planned in the lesson. That will be more clear and vivid to the reader. thanks dear for dropping by….daaa~~ =D


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