This one is for E-book~~

Hi everyone…Let me start this entry by giving a definition of the word “e-book” . E-book (short for electronic book,or EBook), also known as a digital book, is an e-text that forms the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book, sometimes restricted with a digital rights management system. (,2011)

Okey, now we know what is ebook and for this entry I will share my original ebook (done during last semester)  and also the modification version of it. This modification is based on what me and my friends learn this week which how to make the ebook appealed to the students.

The title of my ebook is “Abu eats too much”. This is a story about a boy who ate lots of food until his stomach went ache. He went to the clinic and the doctor advised him not to eat too much next time . He regretted what he had done and promised not to do that again.

This is the original front page of my ebook..(quite dull isn’t it) I reform it to be like this….tadddaaaaa~~~ do you think? errkk…I think its also dull….hu3..nevermind….Anyway..I edited this front page by changing the font. I replace the the word “Abu”  with fruit alphabets in order to relate it with the story which is regarding to food. I also increase the size of the font and picture to make it clearer to the reader. Plus, I change the background colour just to make sure that the colour wont distract my actually focus which is the title of the story.


I also increased the size font for the content and the yellow background colour into white. This is to make sure that the readers can see the sentences clearly and the background colour will not distract my main focus which is the story line.

This is the original slide:

Edited version: more thing..I also add dialogue box to make it interesting…urrmm..interesting? i guess so..huuu~~

Below is another examples where I increase the size of the images:

Original side:

Edited version:


Furthermore, I also add some constructive question that can trigger the students mind.



So, thats all about the modification. Hopefully the edited version will not only be attractive but also effective to their language learning.  Doing all the modifications made me realize that there are certain aspects that I need to consider before creating and designing the ebook. This will absolutely effect the readers and the effectiveness of the book.


Thats all for this week…feel free to give comment…..daaa~~~


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  1. Posted by priyatharisini on March 22, 2011 at 2:02 am

    Hi fiera dear…A very impressive entry!Your effort in modifying your e-book is clearly seen as you have considered the fundamental aspects in making your new e-book more appealing, interactive and meaningful.I like the transformation of the front page of your e-book especially when you have used the ‘fruit alphabets’ to replace the word “Abu” that is just apt and pertinent to your story as it is mainly about food.Quite unique and appealing i would say! the way, i like your notion of inserting questions to instigate the pupils to think critically and make connections with the story line.Well done girl!So, will you use e-book in your future classroom?


  2. hi priya..hu3..answering ur ques… I really want to use it in my classroom since I think ebook is a really effective and attractive teaching will depend on the situation on that time. if all the facilities and equipment that support the use of ebook in class is not provided, so it will be difficult for me to implement it in the classroom ….
    anyway..thanks priya for ur comment….n thanks for visiting my blog =)


  3. hi fiera,

    nice e-book you have there. and i can see the transformation of the new version, and somehow i like both version 😛

    by the way, i like your idea of using fruit alphabet to replace the word Abu to suit with your storyline. i guess your students will like it to bits, coz somehow it reminds them(and me too) of food 😀


  4. hi3..thanks ili~~i think my tactic on replacing the words with fruits is really effective since u guys also love it…=D


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